Aditya Mandalika

CS PhD Student, University of Washington

HERB (Home Exploring Robot Butler) - Full Stack

HERB is a bimanual mobile manipulator comprised of two 7-DoF Barrett WAM arms on a Neobotix base, and Pan-Tilt Schunk PW70 for a neck. It is equipped with a suite of image and range sensors, including the Carnegie Robotics MultiSense SL and a Structure Sensor. I work on developing the software architecture for the robot including writing controllers and motion planning algorithms. Additionally, I also maintain the hardware health of the Barrett arms.

ADA (Autonomous Dexterous Arm) - Motion Planning

ADA is a 6-DoF Kinova Mico Arm equipped with a Structure Sensor, mounted on a wheelchair. The system is being developed primarily as an assistive robot for users with high spinal cord injuries. I work on the motion planning stack for the manipulator to enable assistive feeding.

ROMAN (Robotic Manipulator) - Motion Planning

I am developing the motion planning stack for the mobile manipulation platform ROMAN for ARL’s RCTA project. The robot is required to autonomously navigate over a difficult terrain and clear heavy debris blocking its way. ROMAN is equipped with two 7-DoF arms and a 1-DoF torso allowing it to manipulate its environment.